Charan Singh

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Untitled, New Delhi, India, 2014

Not at Home

India & UK, 2012 – ongoing

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"There is no place like home" or "our home is more beautiful then the heaven", phrases like this always make me think about the old fundamental question of a happy home. It seems necessary to have a happy home or at least one is supposed to have one in the general scheme of things. A place of intimate relations, a sense of security and a place to nurture oneself, a place you don't have to pretend or put on a persona for others to see. Nevertheless, so many of us are still struggling with the dislocation of “home”, together with its blindness of rituals, religion, conditioning, and its web of claustrophobic relationships, that some of us still think we are not at home.

Historically, male bodies and identities have always occupied spaces in the world outside their homes. It is unusual if not at odds with the popular portrayals of masculinities, to show the male body in a domestic environment. Perhaps the logic behind it, is that men own the house, therefore there is no need for them to claim the domestic landscapes. However, depicting males in theatrical domesticity, makes these men seem weak and vulnerable.

These self portraits reconstruct a past that is being seen through the selective prism of memory and remembrance. The photographs are considering the roles played by gender and sexuality, the formal means for the (re)telling of familial narratives.